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  • I’ve Been Nominated For A Liebster!

    I’ve Been Nominated For A Liebster!

    You’ve never heard of a Liebster Award? Okay, sure–it exists only in the blogging world and all it takes to be nominated is a kind mention from one blogging friend, but you know what? I’m still proud of the nomination. The award is sort of an Atta Boy or Atta Girl between bloggers and the […]

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  • A Hard Drive Haiku

    A Hard Drive Haiku

    No bits at all. No bytes at all. My hard drive is gone, y’all. Okay, it’s a Sunday morning and your butt is in the softest chair you own. Your feet are propped on a cushy ottoman. Outside the birds are twittering and the sun is shining. Inside the TV talking heads are jabbering about […]

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  • The Ooh La La of Yachts

    The Ooh La La of Yachts

    Boat porn.  That’s what I’ve spent the past few days looking at, surfing the photos at and and daydreaming about a 40 foot Island Packet with bow thrusters.  Or maybe a 40 foot catamaran.  Or heck, why not make it a 54 foot Hylas, as long as I’m only dreaming?  Dreaming, like boat porn, […]

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