Getting Lost is an Adventure. Let’s Go.

  • The Ooh La La of Yachts

    The Ooh La La of Yachts

    Boat porn.  That’s what I’ve spent the past few days looking at, surfing the photos at and and daydreaming about a 40 foot Island Packet with bow thrusters.  Or maybe a 40 foot catamaran.  Or heck, why not make it a 54 foot Hylas, as long as I’m only dreaming?  Dreaming, like boat porn,…

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  • It’s Friday.  Let’s Go. (Detour #23)

    It’s Friday. Let’s Go. (Detour #23)

    We’d climbed into snow while crossing Raton Pass and crawled down through a growing fury of sharp, hard-blown sleet. Maybe it was the elevation, we thought, and so we made the turn onto New Mexico’s Hwy 64 and headed into the no-man’s land of two lane highway linking Raton to Clayton, Dalhart, and ultimately on…

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  • Assassins and Victims: The Senate Torture Report (Detour #22)

    Assassins and Victims: The Senate Torture Report (Detour #22)

    In October 2002, six weeks after the 9/11 attacks, suspected militant Gul Rahman was captured in Pakistan and taken to an abandoned factory in Afghanistan for questioning by the CIA. COBALT, last week’s Senate report called the place; at the time it was known as the Salt Pit. Rahman had been seized in the company…

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