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  • I’ve Been Nominated For A Liebster!

    I’ve Been Nominated For A Liebster!

    You’ve never heard of a Liebster Award? Okay, sure–it exists only in the blogging world and all it takes to be nominated is a kind mention from one blogging friend, but you know what? I’m still proud of the nomination. The award is sort of an Atta Boy or Atta Girl between bloggers and the…

  • Typos.  Ugh. (Detour #6)

    Typos. Ugh. (Detour #6)

    Why didn’t somebody tell me? Arrgh. I just found a typo in one of my previous posts, one of those sound-alike words that makes sense to spell check but is nothing but wrong to the human eye. I feel like my post was all dressed up to go out in public and nobody told me…

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