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  • Love, Actually…or Not

    Love, Actually…or Not

    Who says we have to love each other? Not all Catholic priests, apparently.  Last Christmas, after years of scrounging up all kinds of excuses to stay home instead of putting my rear end in a pew, I meekly took myself to the communal penance service at my parish and stood in line to confess my…

  • As I Was Saying

    As I Was Saying

    I’m a liar. Months and months ago, I’d promised a romantic tale of train travel—of moonlit plains slipping past the windows of a midnight sleeping car, of cabin-weary travelers stretching their legs at sleepy depots, of a conductor booming out the names of the depots still to come. And I’d meant to write that story,…

  • I’ve Been Nominated For A Liebster!

    I’ve Been Nominated For A Liebster!

    You’ve never heard of a Liebster Award? Okay, sure–it exists only in the blogging world and all it takes to be nominated is a kind mention from one blogging friend, but you know what? I’m still proud of the nomination. The award is sort of an Atta Boy or Atta Girl between bloggers and the…

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