Getting Lost is an Adventure. Let’s Go.

  • An Art Illiterate Goes to the Museum

    An Art Illiterate Goes to the Museum

    Next week I’m heading back to NYC, the destination that inspired my first post to this blog, oh so many years ago.  They’re calling for snow while my sister and I are there, which I’m choosing to believe will be beautiful and not simply cold and wet, but that gives us a perfect excuse to…

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  • Ready to Pack My Bags

    Ready to Pack My Bags

    I want to travel.  Humans crave new experiences, right? It’s in our DNA and no doubt why, 3.2 million years ago, Lucy (the human-like ape—or ape-like human?) and her cousins and uncles and aunts walked erect on two legs instead of four—the better to see over the next hill to the horizon so far away. …

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  • Love, Actually…or Not

    Love, Actually…or Not

    Who says we have to love each other? Not all Catholic priests, apparently.  Last Christmas, after years of scrounging up all kinds of excuses to stay home instead of putting my rear end in a pew, I meekly took myself to the communal penance service at my parish and stood in line to confess my…

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