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  • 2017 And That Damn Amygdala

    2017 And That Damn Amygdala

    A Trump cabinet? A Putin Bromance? Hush, hush sweet screaming brain cells, lest you lose your voice before 2017 has barely begun.

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  • As I Was Saying

    As I Was Saying

    I’m a liar. Months and months ago, I’d promised a romantic tale of train travel—of moonlit plains slipping past the windows of a midnight sleeping car, of cabin-weary travelers stretching their legs at sleepy depots, of a conductor booming out the names of the depots still to come. And I’d meant to write that story, […]

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  • Lessons Learned In A San Diego Taxi Cab

    Lessons Learned In A San Diego Taxi Cab

    Two million girls are now in school in Afghanistan. Read that sentence again, only this time hear it being spoken proudly, emphatically, in a soft Afghani accent. Two million girls are now in school. That tidbit followed me around San Diego a few weeks ago and slipped through my thoughts on the long drive home—two […]

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