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  • A Hard Drive Haiku

    A Hard Drive Haiku

    No bits at all. No bytes at all. My hard drive is gone, y’all. Okay, it’s a Sunday morning and your butt is in the softest chair you own. Your feet are propped on a cushy ottoman. Outside the birds are twittering and the sun is shining. Inside the TV talking heads are jabbering about…

  • Before Fall Goes (Detour #19)

    Before Fall Goes (Detour #19)

    Campaign Manager: “Twenty-five percent of people are psychopaths.” Me: “Really? I sure hope that isn’t true.” Campaign Manager: “It is. A college professor told me so. And obviously the other party is full of psychopaths and that’s why they don’t care who they hurt.” Honest to God, she really said that. She called the other…

  • It’s Friday.  Let’s Go. (Detour #16)

    It’s Friday. Let’s Go. (Detour #16)

    Sadly, it took me several long moments to do the math: 2014 minus 250 equals what? 1764? Even more sadly, I had to check my math on the internet. Lucky thing I did because I found a demoralizing tidbit. Did you know the first one off the river boat on the momentous day of St…

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