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  • A Hard Drive Haiku

    A Hard Drive Haiku

    No bits at all. No bytes at all. My hard drive is gone, y’all. Okay, it’s a Sunday morning and your butt is in the softest chair you own. Your feet are propped on a cushy ottoman. Outside the birds are twittering and the sun is shining. Inside the TV talking heads are jabbering about…

  • A Thanksgiving Fish Story (Detour #21)

    A Thanksgiving Fish Story (Detour #21)

    There always has to be one of us in the Thanksgiving crowd, the one who asks, “Okay, what is the single thing you are most thankful for this year?” This year that annoying person was me. And my dad gave a totally awesome answer: “I’m thankful I don’t have to clean fish anymore.” Believe me,…

  • Clued In (Detour #18)

    Clued In (Detour #18)

    “Let me clue you in on something.” I flashed on memories of my father-in-law as soon as 91-year-old Harold said those words. I guess men of a certain age just like telling us what’s what. Harold, sitting next to me on the sofa in my client’s reception room, was cluing me in to politics and…

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