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  • Ready to Pack My Bags

    Ready to Pack My Bags

    I want to travel.  Humans crave new experiences, right? It’s in our DNA and no doubt why, 3.2 million years ago, Lucy (the human-like ape—or ape-like human?) and her cousins and uncles and aunts walked erect on two legs instead of four—the better to see over the next hill to the horizon so far away. …

  • Lessons Learned In A San Diego Taxi Cab

    Lessons Learned In A San Diego Taxi Cab

    Two million girls are now in school in Afghanistan. Read that sentence again, only this time hear it being spoken proudly, emphatically, in a soft Afghani accent. Two million girls are now in school. That tidbit followed me around San Diego a few weeks ago and slipped through my thoughts on the long drive home—two…

  • An Ode To Iowa (Detour #10)

    An Ode To Iowa (Detour #10)

    I even loved Iowa. Honestly. How we got there was this: Like an itch, an idea had gotten under our skin—to drive to Alaska—and despite Mapquest calculating the roundtrip at over 7,000 miles, despite our van balking, its battery dead before we’d even left our driveway, off we went. The route led us through ten…

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