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  • It’s Friday.  Let’s Go. (Detour #20)

    It’s Friday. Let’s Go. (Detour #20)

    We left New Jersey, got swallowed into the Lincoln Tunnel and were spit out into Manhattan. It was 5 o’clock on a Friday afternoon, the moment our New York adventure turned into a terror flick. People scurried five deep on the sidewalks, and more bodies spilled into the streets, a squirming mass of knees and…

  • There Has To Be A First Post (Detour #1)

    There Has To Be A First Post (Detour #1)

    All I wanted was a bathroom, just something with a shower and a toilet and a sink downstairs in our split level home, and somehow I ended up in Manhattan.  Even for me, an expert at getting lost, that’s an impressive detour, but truthfully it didn’t take much for the idea to wend its way through the twists…

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