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  • Before Fall Goes (Detour #19)

    Before Fall Goes (Detour #19)

    Campaign Manager: “Twenty-five percent of people are psychopaths.” Me: “Really? I sure hope that isn’t true.” Campaign Manager: “It is. A college professor told me so. And obviously the other party is full of psychopaths and that’s why they don’t care who they hurt.” Honest to God, she really said that. She called the other…

  • It’s Friday.  Let’s Go. (Detour #13)

    It’s Friday. Let’s Go. (Detour #13)

    Blame it on my husband. He lets me use his excellent camera and somehow I’ve now accumulated more pictures than I have stories to tell. The wine to the left was enjoyed on the patio of a Westcliffe, Colorado restaurant while we nibbled on olives and cheese, and while it was a miraculous evening, there…

  • Little Red Convertible, I Hardly Knew Ye (Detour #5)

    Little Red Convertible, I Hardly Knew Ye (Detour #5)

    I’m in mourning. Our MR2 Spyder is not even sold yet and already I’m missing the wind slipping over its windshield, its gearshift pressing against my hand. The car fit like a well-worn pair of jeans, not the mommy kind but the $100 low-rise jeans my daughter made me buy, and even its poorly repaired…

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