A Hard Drive Haiku

No bits at all.
No bytes at all.
My hard drive is gone, y’all.

Okay, it’s a Sunday morning and your butt is in the softest chair you own. Your feet are propped on a cushy ottoman. Outside the birds are twittering and the sun is shining. Inside the TV talking heads are jabbering about football and you’re blissfully tangled up in a string of laptop Google searches. Life is good. And then your computer freezes. Control-alternate-delete does nothing. Waiting does nothing. So you do a hard restart. And when Windows tries to open, all you get is an endlessly whirling start-up swirl.

Yes, that happened. The old hard drive is dead; long live the new hard drive–and God bless Best Buy’s extended warranty. But gosh is there a lot to restore to my newly resurrected laptop: QuickBooks, Adobe Creative Suite, Serif PagePlus, Dropbox, Amazon Music, Microsoft Office….deep breath…iTunes, Canon Digital Photo Professional. Not to mention the files. And in the meantime the rest of my life keeps nudging me with its scratchy little nose, begging for attention too.

So yesterday I ignored it all and took my Canon SX60 out into the sun. Here are a few of the friends I found.

Does this bird feeder make my tail look fat?
Does this bird feeder make my tail look fat?

Peace. And back to the grindstone.


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  1. Wonderful photos. A good eye yes, but your camera is amazing. I wish you had posted this blog and I had seen the capabilities of the Canon sx60 before I had bought another model.

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    • So what did you get, Doris? And while I love my new Canon, I also need to warn you about its faults. Instead of a focus ring the darn thing has a funky manual focus system that requires you fine tune by arrowing up or down. That’s just weird. And it’s so light that it’s seriously easy to shake it out of focus. On the plus side, the feathery weight should be great for backpacking.


  2. What lovely colors on the birds. In the midst of your computer catastrophe, you find a way to ‘live’.

    So sorry for your time-consuming restore. Hope you’re up to snuff soon !

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  3. At least you had backups!


  4. Beautiful…and great job taking a breath in the middle of panting!


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