Camera and cabernet

It’s Friday. Let’s Go. (Detour #13)

Camera and cabernet
Two old friends enjoying the weekend.
Blame it on my husband. He lets me use his excellent camera and somehow I’ve now accumulated more pictures than I have stories to tell. The wine to the left was enjoyed on the patio of a Westcliffe, Colorado restaurant while we nibbled on olives and cheese, and while it was a miraculous evening, there isn’t much else to say about that. The giant hammer and moose below are on the outside of the Hammer Museum in Haines, Alaska, but we didn’t see the inside, so that’s all I’ve got. Wouldn’t you just love to go inside though?
Hammer Museum in Haines, Alaska
If I had a hammer. . .

Moose Head Made From Hammers
I’d make a moose head.

Since bits and pieces of detours are just lying around, cluttering up my computer and my memories, I thought I might as well make them a Friday afternoon thing. Maybe they’ll remind me how good it is to get out of the house and go somewhere, anywhere. So where are you headed this weekend? Happy travels.

And peace.



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2 responses to “It’s Friday. Let’s Go. (Detour #13)”

  1. timeout2 Avatar

    So, Detour, I note that you have a photo of a Westcliffe wine glass. Were you at the Wine Mine or Sangrita? Are you a Custer County native in disguise behind the Zen mask or were you just passing through?


    1. 2000detours Avatar

      The Wine Mine. And we live in Missouri but own land in Timber Ridge Ranch, so we try to make it out there when we can. We had intended to build something and move to our land but life happened. It has a way of doing that.


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